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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Night Light

Night Light
When she was too old
She closed the door,
Took the light out

of the wall.
She put it in a box

her closet.
She proclaimed
I am too old

for light.
And so she lay

the ceiling.
No monsters came
And she tried to be

too old.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Not

What I'm Not
As I swing into the spot
I hear it.
The distinctive crunch of metal on bumper
The invincible noise of destruction,
The ever present knowledge it is my fault.
I am not a good parker.

I watch the people slide by me,
They don’t know who I am or what I am.
I desire to reach out and touch them:
Physically, mentally, terribly.
But I am not outgoing.

“How could you do this to me?”
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I hate you.”
I’d hate me too.
I’m sorry.
I am not an ex-girlfriend.

What I'm Not Part II

What I’m Not Part II
Once there was a day
And it spun and spun
Until we all fell down
And it spun into a week
And a month and a year

Once there was a mouse
And it hid and hid
Until it lost itself
And it was the first
Invisible mouse

Once there was a myth
And it was told and told
Until it became true
There really is a man
Holding the Earth
And another whose insides
Are pecked out by crows

Once there was religion
And it was praised and praised
Until it became a weapon
And killed millions of people

Once there were the people
Who created and created
These things
These intangible things
Until these things
Became quite tangible;
Until they became death.

You Have 10 Seconds To...

You Have 10 Seconds To…
Talk quickly you only have one chance
Force those words OUT
Convince me, convince me, convince me
You couldn’t talk your way
                Out of a paper bag.

Stop for breath.

You’ve lost. Watch now as he walks
You think about all the evidence you forgot to
And you say you’re from Harvard.
Your ineloquent, indecisive, interrogation
Just put that man behind

I Forgive You for the Snowman

I Forgive You for the Snowman
Whenever we went into battle,
It appeared to be true I could never defeat you
As babies, you had a stick, I had a rattle.

As always you had other another plan.
I held a doll, you held your snowball,
And I watched as you killed my snowman.

I took English, you took math.
You get Boston and nearby shore, and I’ll just get Baltimore.
From this distance I won’t feel your wrath.

However, since you have moved away
We haven’t had any bold weapons to hold
Truthfully, we don’t even have things to say.

I miss those days when we would fight.
You with your power, me with my pacifier.
But age changes all, although it doesn’t feel right.