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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Forgive You for the Snowman

I Forgive You for the Snowman
Whenever we went into battle,
It appeared to be true I could never defeat you
As babies, you had a stick, I had a rattle.

As always you had other another plan.
I held a doll, you held your snowball,
And I watched as you killed my snowman.

I took English, you took math.
You get Boston and nearby shore, and I’ll just get Baltimore.
From this distance I won’t feel your wrath.

However, since you have moved away
We haven’t had any bold weapons to hold
Truthfully, we don’t even have things to say.

I miss those days when we would fight.
You with your power, me with my pacifier.
But age changes all, although it doesn’t feel right.

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