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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugar Pills

Sugar Pills

We are sliced up along the patio,
Acrid smoke from green substance
Twisting tendrils in her hair.
She looks to me with candid eyes -
As if I don't know Mary Jane
But I kiss her forehead
Still tasting baby's breath of bewilderment.

She reaches for my hand and pulls me in.
I rise, actor in scene.
The sea of lawn, we spin in the surf,
Our feet damp as if we had waded in shallow
Shores. She torpedos us to the ground --
What is family for anyways?

To pull and push and fall down;
To hold and help one another;
But I cannot
Help her.
I am not the pills in her translucent throat
Or the happiness she is forced to feel
From the prescription sugar pills.

I am a mother's sister's daughter
Am I allowed to wonder whether with
All these substances
Has only now
She become substance free.

I study her doll body
Mixed in waves of emerald seas,
The drugs combined
She has resigned.
Not just now but all the time.

I pull her up and off the ground,
qShut the shades and lay her down.
My hand runs through her hair, unwound.
I float away and dim the light,
I hear a tremor of goodnight.

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