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Friday, April 29, 2011

Evergreen Forest

Evergreen Forest

The air is frozen
The frost has coated everything
The needled trees
Lose their tops in the sky
The moon plays upon an icy mirror

Listen to the owl call
You are not alone right now
Your breath floats among the bush
And the last leaf falls
But you must trust
That spring leaven will come again.

Just like Sisyphus
Strains against the common chore
We must fight for our right
To live in unconsequence

But you, you of little faith
Have left the altars for the others
And now upon a forest night
Stand between the skies.

But let us not lose our faith
In private past and future
In a world of dreams of
Bright and beautiful illusion
It has truly lost all happiness
And mercy for another kind
Now the forest absolves the sound
Of great men fighting blind.

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